John Suelen


John Vicson Suelen

Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 USA


Video Games , Software Development , Game Development , Virtual/Augmented Reality , Self Improvement


Languages and Frameworks: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, SQL, ASM, Python

Toolsets/OS: Windows, Git/GitHub, Ubuntu/Linux, Unity, Blender, Shotcut, Davinci Resolve


University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

B.S., Computer Science (expected Spring, 2023)

  • ICS 111: Intro to Computer Science I
  • ICS 141: Discrete Mathematics I
  • ICS 211: Intro to Computer Science II
  • ICS 212: Program Structure
  • ICS 241: Discrete Mathematics II
  • ICS 311: Algorithms
  • ICS 314: Software Engineering I
  • ICS 321: Database Systems I
  • ICS 332: Operating Systems
  • ICS 312: Machine-Level & Systems Programming
  • ICS 414: Software Engineering II
  • ICS 451: Data Networks
  • ICS 484: Data Visualization
  • ACM 419: Virtual & Augmntd Reality Prog

2019 - Present


Intern, Hawai’i Entertainment Media

A 6-month hands on learning training program on creating 360 degree videos and VR experiences

Jan - Jun

Research Assistant, Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications (LAVA)

Member of Change(HI) REU program, creating visualizations on the Tilt Five

Jan - Present


Volunteer, SSS Manoa Makeover: Pond Cleanup

Assistance in managing and cleaning the Krauss Pond

2019 - Present

First time builder, DIY: PC Build

Displays self-teaching skills, following directions, and discipline.

2020 - 2020

Developer, UH Class Critics

Worked in a team to develop a website (using Meteor, React, HTML, CSS) similar to Rate My Professors but specifically for UH Manoa students.

2021 - 2021

Developer, rainbowgeeks

Worked in a team to develop a website (using Meteor, React, HTML, CSS) for VolunteerAlly, which is a service used by organizations to find volunteers, where we worked to provide improvements to an existing website from them.

2022 - 2022


B+ Scholarship, State of Hawaii, 2019-Present

Scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen and continuing students who complete a rigorous high school curriculum with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at a Hawai'i public school.


Available upon request